Attention parents of WINTER athletes! 


During Fall 2017, St. Paul Athletic Club began taking its Athletic Forms digital using Privit ProfileTMThe Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) implemented a new digital standard for the pre-participation physical exam process, called Privit Profile™.  Privit Profile™ includes the MHSAA’s comprehensive health history questionnaire in a format that is easy to use and accessible to coaches, trainers, administration and medical personnel to help mitigate injury risks related to sports by providing them with the information they need to react quickly to health situations. There will no longer be printed paperwork.  Simply go online and prepare to do some clicking and uploading.  Privit ProfileTM can be found by going to the St. Paul Athletic Club website (http://stpaullakers.org/) and hovering your mouse on the “Forms” tab on the right and selecting “Forms via Privit”.  Using Privit will enable you to update forms from year to year without completely redoing them every year. Your forms and physicals stay secure on the website.   IT IS MANDATORY THAT ALL FORMS AND PHYSICALS BE ENTERED in Privit ProfileTM by January 30th, 2018.  If the student athlete’s profile is not completed in Privit ProfileTM, the athlete will not be allowed to play.



Note:  If you have already registered your student athlete on PRIVIT during the Fall, you must still go to the Student Athlete’s Profile, choose “JOINED TEAMS” and then select the Winter team your student athlete is playing. All the information will then transfer to that team.